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In today's fast-moving world, finding and attracting the best talents is crucial. With our innovative software, you can revolutionize your hiring process and reach top talents easily. Get started today and increase your success in the competition for the talents of tomorrow!

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talentefinder is based on an intuitive swiping technology. Here, companies can like or dislike profiles of applicants - and vice versa. If there is interest on both sides, a match is created! Then many exciting functions are activated and nothing stands in the way of a great interview! Find new talents for your company with the help of talentefinder's mobile recruiting funnel!

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Why mobile recruiting?

Mobile recruiting is the answer to the new demands of the modern job market. With talentefinder, you have the opportunity to put your company at the forefront of talent acquisition. In the digital era, candidates expect seamless and mobile application options. Our user-friendly system allows you to adapt to these expectations and attract excellent talents efficiently.

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Use mobile recruiting for targeted attraction: The key role of mobile recruiting apps and career sites.

Mobile recruiting apps and career sites play an important role in the modern recruiting process. This is hardly surprising since mobile recruiting offers countless benefits:

Efficient process

By filling out application forms and uploading resumes, applicants can submit their application directly through the mobile recruiting app or career site. This simplifies the application process and enables companies to manage talent identification efficiently.

Easy application
Fast process
Better management

User-friendly application

Our mobile recruiting app is designed to provide a user-friendly experience for candidates. talentfinder is intuitive for navigating and enables simple mobile application processes to make the application experience more pleasant and smooth.

Positive candidate experience
Good manageability
Easy recruiting

Fast communication

Send notifications with talentefinder's chat feature to keep candidates informed about new mobile job ads, updates on the application process or other relevant information. This keeps potential candidates informed and engaged!

Appointment reminders
Efficient communication

Integrated job ads

talentefinder is also a platform where you can publish detailed job ads with requirements, tasks and benefits of the position. This helps candidates to evaluate the suitability and relevance of a position and to make an informed decision about their application.

Details about requirements

Employer Branding

You should keep in mind that talentefinder plays an important role in presenting the employer brand. Companies can present their corporate culture, values and services to attract and convince potential candidates.

Presenting the company
Communicate corporate culture

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numerous benefits

Win in the competition for talent: The unbeatable advantages of mobile recruiting

In order to address the best talents with up-to-date skills, it is important to digitize your recruiting. Mobile recruiting is a perfect complement to traditional recruiting, offering multiple opportunities that improve your reach and effectiveness of the acquisition process!

Expanded talent pools

Using our mobile recruiting software allows you to reach out to potential candidates who may be passively looking for new career opportunities or not actively applying on the job market.

Increased reach
Access to new talent

Work in a team

talentefinder offers the teams feature for candidate assessment and collaboration. Recruiters can create ratings, comments and notes on candidates and share them with their team.

Set up a meeting

"We would like to get to know you better..."

talentefinder offers many different communication channels such as text messages, video chat or the teams function for recruiters. These channels enable faster and more direct communication between employers and talents, as well as between recruiters.

Real-time chatting
High quality video chats
Teams feature
Increased productivity

Analytics & Reporting

Mobile recruiting allows you to collect data about the recruiting process and generate analytics and reports. Like this, you can get information about the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts and make appropriate adjustments.

Easy accessibility

Mobile devices like smartphones are widely spread and used. This allows companies to reach potential candidates anywhere and anytime!

Faster, more convenient and more efficient

Mobile recruiting shortens the application process and accelerates response times. Candidates can apply on the go by uploading their resumes and filling out application forms - companies can process these applications immediately and respond to qualified candidates faster.

Improved candidate experience

Mobile applications allow you to improve the candidate experience of your company. Many people are accustomed to using mobile devices and prefer to handle their applications and communications on the go. By providing a user-friendly, mobile-optimized application experience, you can keep candidates interested and increase their engagement.

Talentefinder in reallife

Success stories that inspire

It's hard to imagine job and training fairs without talentefinder. At events, our mobile recruiting software impresses with its particularly innovative way of recruiting. Numerous satisfied partners of talentefinder have been using the advantages of a mobile application process for several years.

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Learn more about digital and hybrid events with talentefinder

We'll show you how digital, hybrid and physical events can benefit from our matchmaking technology and the unique capabilities available to you in our app to manage the success of your event.

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Janna Hahn
German studies
I saw. I can start full-time in March. Preferably as a trainee, of course.

Integrating mobile recruiting into the recruitment process

First of all, it is essential that the recruiting platform is optimized for mobile devices. talentefinder offers you a responsive design that automatically adapts to different screen sizes. Use talentefinder's mobile assessment and selection tools: Our recruiting software provides mobile tools, such as swipe technology, that can help you select candidates.
Communicate via mobile chat function: send updates on the mobile application process, invitations to interview or feedback via mobile channels to make communication more efficient and convenient.

focus on job ads

The central importance for a successful recruiting process

Mobile job ads facilitate the mobile recruiting funnel by enabling increased accessibility. By using mobile devices, potential candidates are able to view and access job ads anytime and anywhere.

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Effective, convenient and convincing mobile recruiting

With talentefinder, mobile recruiting can be easily integrated into your acquisition process. As a mobile recruiting software, talentefinder can design the mobile recruiting funnel in such a way that applicants are targeted.


talentefinder is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the mobile age. The platform offers a responsive design that automatically adapts to different screen sizes to enable seamless mobile application and usage.

With talentefinder, applicants can easily access mobile job ads and application forms using their smartphones, laptops or tablets.

Integration of social media

talentefinder enables the integration of social media platforms such as
- LinkedIn
- Instagram
- Facebook

in order to address applicants. This allows you to target qualified young talent!

Easy manageability

Applicants can submit their applications quickly and easily. talentefinder's recruiting software offers intuitive functions that allow applicants to upload their data and documents efficiently.

Mobile job interviews

Conduct virtual job interviews! talentefinder provides a high quality video meeting feature that allows talent and companies to participate in job interviews without being physically present.

Personalized experience

talentefinder enables companies to create personalized user experiences for candidates. This can strengthen candidates' loyalty to the company!

Practical tools

talentefinder provides advanced mobile tools, such as swipe technology, to help companies select candidates. These tools help to speed up the selection process and identify qualified candidates more efficiently.

Competitive advantage

By leveraging the latest technologies and trends in recruitment, talentefinder enables companies to stand out from the competition. This is critical to attracting the best talent and succeeding in today's job market!


Convince your applicants with user-friendly apps

To optimize mobile recruiting, companies need to make sure their mobile recruiting strategy is barrier-free.

Therefore, ensure that your mobile recruiting platform complies with current accessibility standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. These standards set guidelines to make digital content more accessible for people with disabilities.

In addition, use alternative text for images on the platform to allow people with visual impairments to describe image content. Moreover, responsive designs and adaptability are extremely important. 

Enable accessible communication with applicants by offering alternative communication channels - no problem with talentefinder!

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