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Reinvent the way you experience events!

With innovative matchmaking from talentefinder, talents and companies experience a uniquely high hit rate. This is how digital and hybrid recruiting events become a guaranteed success.

Mobile usage
Smooth process
Simple management

Innovative organizers use talentefinder for unique recruiting events.
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Revolutionize the way you plan events!

Events rethought: The innovative event app for your perfect planning!

Get the most out of your events and experience a hassle-free process with our innovative event app. Whether you are organizing professional conferences, trade fairs or private parties - talentefinder supports you in the planning and execution of your event.

Discover the numerous advantages and features our Event App offers you!

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Look, like, Match

How does talentefinder work?

Talents and companies can meet digitally at or before the event. If there is a like on both sides, a match is made. Then you can chat to clarify important questions in advance and arrange a real-life meeting at the event.

Companies can give special talents a Superlike. For event planners, talentefinder offers useful analytical and communication tools. Nothing stands in the way of a great event full of interesting encounters!

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Optimize your participant management

talentefinder - the smart solution for event planners

With talentefinder you save valuable time and resources and simplify your participant management:

Communication and support

Our mobile event app can facilitate direct communication with participants. Automated notifications in the app and via email remind people of upcoming events and encourage interaction between talent and companies. The integrated helpdesk and support in the event app can answer user:s questions quickly and ensures that the event runs smoothly.

Automated notifications
Event dashboard
Helpdesk & Support

User management

The whole event at a glance! As an organizer:in, you can easily manage talent and companies participating in the event. Our event management app provides a user-friendly registration and sign-up platform that allows attendees to easily and quickly register for the event. Event attendees can simply enter their personal information, reducing manual effort.

Clear list of participating talents and companies
Blocking of users
Own invitation links for talents and companies

Real-time statistics

Keep track of your event's progress in real time and improve your marketing strategy using the insights gained.

Number of registered talents, companies and published jobs
Number of generated matches, sent messages and meetings arranged

Sponsors & partners

Present the logos of your supporting sponsors and partners, who support you with the realization of the event!

Logo upload
Different sponsor categories

Interactive event program

An interactive event program with inspiring lectures, guest speakers and interactive webinars provides the decisive added value and makes the essential difference.

Indication of speakers, venue and event description
Integration of digital webinars and video rooms

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Events on a new level

What are the advantages of our Event App?

In a nutshell: many.

Event Branding

Customize talentefinder with your corporate design to create a personalized user experience. Take advantage of custom event branding by highlighting your logo and corporate color.

Upload logo in event
Set your own colors
Customized login and registration


Take advantage of the opportunity to hold events digitally, which can mean lower costs for travel, accommodation and venue - this is very convenient for both talent and exhibitors.Use your budget more efficiently and organize a high-quality event at the same time!


talentefinder can be used at events of any size and type, be it a small trade fair or a large conference. Whether online, on-site or hybrid - you have unlimited freedom to design your event according to your wishes.

On-site events with meeting arrangements
Digital events with video meetings
Hybrid events with different event types per day
Access control of companies to specific event days

Everything at a glance

With the Event Dashboard, talents and companies keep track and are informed about all event highlights. Automated notifications remind of upcoming "dates".

Easy on the go

Our event app can be used from anywhere and accessed quickly. The registration of new talents on site is therefore no problem and can be implemented quickly.

Enhanced talentpool

Through digital participation, our event app gives event planners access to an expanded talent pool. This allows you to access talent and experts who may not live near the event.

Ease of use

talentefinder was developed with a focus on intuitive user guidance and ease of use. Participants can quickly and easily find their way around and benefit from the functions offered.

Success all along the line

On the road to success with talentefinder

Customers such as the Gera Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the WFI - Ingolstadt School of Management have already benefited from talentefinder. Digitizing the hiring process attracts talented employees who drive your business forward. Learn more about customer experiences and how talentefinder has helped them revolutionize their HR.

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Learn more about digital and hybrid events with talentefinder

We'll show you how digital, hybrid and physical events can benefit from our matchmaking technology and the unique capabilities available to you in our app to manage the success of your event.

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Janna Hahn
German studies
I saw. I can start full-time in March. Preferably as a trainee, of course.
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Planning and execution made easy

Our event app allows you to plan and organize events more easily. Upgrade your event management by using talentefinder as an innovative meeting platform and make it possible to get to know each other even before the event starts. 

This gives talents an early overview of the companies represented and increases the chances of successful meetings!

Companies can also make a helpful pre-selection and express their interest. This makes the event much more attractive for both sides and makes your event a success.

In a nutshell

What makes our event management app different from traditional event planning methods?

Efficiency. Traditional event planning often requires manual and time-consuming processes like creating paper documents or sending emails. Our event app automates and simplifies many of these tasks, saving time and resources. The event planning app enables seamless communication between companies and talent in real time. 

Unlike traditional methods where communication is often delayed or cumbersome, the mobile event app allows for quick notifications. 

Compared to traditional event planning methods, this leads to more conversations and thus a better outcome. talentfinder not only encourages interaction but also improves the experience of the participants!

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Successfully marketing talentefinder

Strategies to increase awareness and user engagement

Successful marketing of the event app is critical for your upcoming event to reach its full potential. By implementing these marketing strategies, you as an event planner can increase the visibility and success of your event through the event app and convince potential clients to attend your event. As an event planner, you can successfully market the mobile event app in advance by using the following strategies:

Clear communication of benefits

Highlight the benefits of the mobile event app for attendees. Emphasize how the event app increases efficiency and facilitates communication. Communicate these benefits clearly and concisely in your marketing message.

Target group analysis

Identify your target audience and understand their needs and challenges so you can tailor your marketing message accordingly.


Use your website, social media, and other online channels to promote the Event App. Create engaging content such as blog posts, case studies, videos, or infographics to showcase the functionality and benefits of the Event App.

Customer references and active customer care

Show positive experiences and feedback from customers who have already used the event management app. Post customer testimonials on your website, marketing materials, or social media to build trust and credibility.

Cooperation and partnerships

Look for opportunities to collaborate with other industry players. Through partnerships, you can jointly market your product and benefit from their reach and customer base.

Free demos and training

Offer free demos to event visitors to show them the functionalities and added value of talentefinder. This allows them to try out the event app for themselves and understand how it can help them at the event.

Active customer service

Make sure you provide quality customer service. Answer questions about the event app in a timely manner, provide support, and create a positive experience for event attendees.

Maximize the use of the event app

Tips to encourage participant engagement

Communicate in advance and ensure that attendees are informed about the event app before the event. Motivate them to download the app before the event. 

Ensure visibility by placing notices and instructions on how to use the mobile event app in strategic locations at the event to draw attendees' attention.

Implement gamified elements such as rewards or challenges to motivate attendees to actively use the event app. 

Offer short tutorials on site to help participants get started using the event app.

Discover the ease and efficiency of the talentefinder Event App and revolutionize your events. Simplify attendee management, improve interaction and increase the efficiency of your events. Use the talentefinder event planning app today and experience the future of event planning!

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Get started and use our event app as an integrative part of your marketing strategy!
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